How to lay Laminate Flooring

6 Things You Should Know Before Laying Laminate Flooring
Plastic laminate flooring appeared towards the end of the last century. In about 20 years, it made an incredible expansion, and today its sales grow rapidly day by day. It’s because laminate flooring has numerous advantages, including durability, affordability, and resistance to stain. On top of that, it’s not that hard to install it. Here are six things you should know before laying laminate flooring.

Remove the Skirting Board
Take a look if the room (or rooms) where you are laying the laminate flooring has to have skirting boards to allow expansion in the flooring. If it does, remove it carefully with a pry bar, making sure not to damage it or the wall.

Trim the Door Frames
You want your laminate flooring to fit perfectly everywhere, even around the doorways. That is why you should undercut or cut the door framing and any side jambs. That way you will make sure that the flooring you install can slip underneath.

To find out how high you need to cut, place a rubber underlayment piece in front of the frame and then lay a piece of flooring over it. You can use oscillating multi-tool or a handsaw to cut through the moulding. Don’t forget to vacuum up all the debris and dust.

Preparing the Subfloor
You want to check for any nail heads sticking out of the surface and make sure to tap them down. Once you do that, walk around the entire area you are flooring and listen for squeaks. If you detect noisy spots, use a 2-inch drywall screw there and place it through the subfloor. The most efficient way is to drive screws into joists.

Use the Underlay
The underlay acts as a barrier that keeps the moisture away and helps to decrease the sound. Consult the manufacturer and see the type of underlay they recommend. Roll it out from one wall to another, making sure to trim the length by using a utility knife. If you need to keep the underlay pieces from roaming from their positions, use masking tape. However, avoid that if it’s possible.

Calculate the Number of Planks Needed
I am afraid you will need to do some math to find out how many full-width planks you need for the area where you want to lay the laminate flooring. First, measure the width of the room and take away 20 mm for expansion space. Next, measure the width of a single plank. Divide the number you got from subtracting with the width of the plank. That is the number of planks you need to cover your floor.

You will probably get a fractional width for the remaining plank. However, if that width is less than a half a plank wide, here is what you should do. Rip the flooring in the first row so that the plank you use in the last row will have at least half of the standard width. You will need to check the number of planks needed in each row and you will have to stager the joints. This is not difficult to work out but does need to be done before any planks are laid

Acquire Some Tapping Block
You will need it for closing the joints. The planks fit together pretty tight, but if you hammer straight into the edge of a plank, you can smash it. Consult the manufacturer or an expert to find the appropriate tapping block for your laminate flooring.

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