Install cupboards

Storage is very important and there are 4 common methods of adding cupboard to a room.

First method is to buy existing cupboards. these can be from a furniture supplier, garage sale, or second hand. It doesn’t where they are purchased form, they all suffer from the same restriction. Finding ones suitable for your needs, transporting to the new location and moving them into place for use.

The second method is to buy flat pack units and assemble on site. This is better than buying existing units as they are easier to find, transport and move to location for use. They do have different issue, the range is limited, don’t fit exactly, and need to be assemble.

The next method is to have them build it. This can be done on site, or in a factory and delivered to site. You get what you what, they fit the space but are usually more expensive and take longer to install than the other methods.

The final and best method is to purchase a house with the cupboards already built in. This is not always possible due to type of house, extensions, renos and a dozen other reasons. But the good news is that Ken the Fixit Man your fast and reliable handyman in Toowoomba,can assist with the first three methods. So if you need to install cupboards give Ken the Fixit Man your fast and reliable handyman in Toowoomba, a call 0n 0431471883 to discuss your options.