Installing clothes line

restring clothes line - Ken the Fixit Man your fast and reliable handyman Toowoomba

Installing a clothes line, believe it or not the first step is to read the instructions

Lay the parts out and ensure you have all the items. Then decide where it is to be installed. Check that it will be in the sun most of the time, that access is direct and minimum distance to the laundry.

Follow instructions, dig the hole ensure the base is correctly positioned, then install the main pole and secure in a vertical position. Mix the concrete, rapid set is usually the best as this will allow the rest of the installation to continue quickly.

Complete the installation and string the lines. test the operation. Clean the site and the job is done.

If this seems difficult or you are lacking the time or tools to install a clothes line, please give Ken the Fixit Man your fast and reliable handyman in Toowoomba, and he will do it for you