Professional Home Painting Tips for Beginners

Professional Home Painting Tips Even Beginners Can Use
I find painting a relatively time consuming job that can provide an excellent result. It’s not a huge investment to paint a room, but it can give an entirely new look to it. Of course, you need to make sure to do everything right. That is why you should take a look at these six professional home painting tips even beginners can use.

Preparing the Surface
Preparation is the key to success in both sports and painting. Inspect the surface you plan to paint and look for dents, cracks, holes, or any other imperfection. Before you start painting, make sure you iron out these issues. You can buy the best paint out there, but it won’t be able to hide a cracked or stained surface. That is why this is a crucial step.

Use the Blue Tape
Purchase some blue tape the painters use and tape door, trim, and window frames. The good news is that you can apply it up to one week before starting the painting job. However, make sure to remove it right after you finish. That way you will avoid peeling off any paint once the wall dries.

Primer Is Crucial
Some people believe that the walls that were painted many times don’t require priming. However, the truth is that primer enhances paint adhesion, which means that there is less chance of peeling or blisters occurring. Aside from that, priming your walls will secure that stains are blocked from bleeding through.

You may buy paints that already contain primer nowadays, but I would still go with priming the walls first and then applying the paint.

Use Both a Roller and Brush
Unfortunately, you roller is unable to reach all parts of the room you are painting. Purchase a two-inch brush to make sure you correctly apply the paint in tricky places. These include the corners of the wall, as well as space around trim.

Maximize Your Efficiency
If you want to know how to be most effective when it comes to the usage of paint, I suggest you consider using the W technique. That means that you should begin in any of the corners and use the roller to make a 3×3-feet W pattern. Now, don’t lift the roller of the wall and fill in the pattern. Use the same technique for the rest of the wall.

Use Canvas to Protect Furniture and Floors
Most people use plastic drop cloths, but there is a far better option. Canvas is the type of material that is resistant to rips and incredibly durable. It has numerous advantages over plastic. First of all, it absorbs any paint that falls on it, making sure that the floor doesn’t get slippery. Next, there is no danger of tripping on them because they are flat. Finally, you can easily fold them around doorways and corners, which is extremely convenient.

These are just some of the useful painting tips for beginners. However, if you still want the job done by a professional, you can call Ken the FixIt Man your fast and reliable handyman in Toowoomba and get your room that fresh new look ASAP!