Gutter Cleaning Toowoomba

One of the many tasks that need to be done around the house. It like all the home maintenance tasks, presents its own challenges.

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Clothes Line Installation Toowoomba

There are many types of clothes lines and I have installed quite a few including rotatory, wall mounted, pull out and enclosed cabinet. and have replaced the cord/wire on each type. So if you need to fix or erect a clothes line call Ken The Fixit Man.

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Fence and Gates Repair or Erection – Toowoomba

How many times does that gate have to stick before you do something about it. Well you don’t have to, Ken The Fixit Man can do it for you. I have built metal, wooden and wire mesh fences, installed and rehung gates.

0431 471 883
  • clean gutters
  • build patios
  • erect lines line
  • build fences