Retaining Wall

Install block or wood retaining walls with or without steps.

I can complete those projects that are needed around the home. You know, the ones the wife has been complaining about for years, that you have been meaning to do and never gotten around to. Maybe put up that garden shed, or the dog house for the dog that has been sleeping in the laundry for the past year. The fence is looking a little tired. Want that fixed up. Just give Ken the Fixitman a call on 0431471883

0431 471 883

Rubbish Removal

There are many mowing services in Toowoomba but do they clean the gutters, empty the rubbish from your shed, or take away the old dog house. There are a lot of things that need to go to the dump but most people don’t have a trailer. Well Ken The Fixit Man does have a trailer and can help out with all those rubbish runs.

0431 471 883

Install Garden Edges

There are many different gardens edges, brick, wood, plastic even concrete. I am able to do them all, even raised garden beds for the vegetables. If you don’t have time, equipment or knowledge or just want someone to help, Ken the Fixit Man is available, please ring 0431471883 for a quote.

0431 471 883

Install Sprinkler Systems

There are many types of watering systems. One of the best for water conservation is the in garden dripper system. These systems can be installed by yourself, if you have the tools, time, interest – if not Ken the Fixixt Man can do the job for you. Call Ken on 0431471883 for a quote.

0431 471 883
  • Rubbish removal
  • Install garden edges
  • Inground garden sprinkler